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FREE Website & Search Engine Readiness Audit (Usually £175.00)

We have a fantastic offer for you, providing you with FREE Website & Search Engine Readiness Audit and Short Report, which is invaluable insight into your online presence that we usually charge £175.00 for. From our audit of your website we will compile an easy to follow report, that will ask you to consider “doing things differently” and we will give you key “take aways” that should you act on them will “make a difference” to your business.

Having a Website Audit provides a set of fresh eyes on your online presence, we are not emotionally connected to your website, it is not our website, we have not designed it and we can therefore provide an unbiased and emotionally unattached objective review. You do not have to agree with everything we say to get value from our report, just “take away” one item and “do things differently” and as a consequence, this alone could “make a difference” having a positive impact on your business.

Our Aim

What have we asked, that you give yourself and your business the opportunity of a review; within which we intend to be helpful asking you to consider what you could “do differently” providing you with key “take aways” and if you implemented those take aways we would hope that they would “make a difference” to your business and your online presence having a positive impact on your business as a whole.

How do Initial IT Benefit from providing a Free Report?

How do Initial IT benefit from providing a Free Report ? Following providing you with our Free Report we will also provide you with a no obligation proposal for any of the action points that we have identified during our Audit and recommend you consider “Doing things differently“.

We may also offer you, if we consider that it would be of benefit to your business and your online presence, Monthly or Quarterly reporting on your Website & Search Engine Optimisation Strategy metrics, and where you are currently positioned against your chosen keywords / phrases and against your identified competitors. This type of report informs content creation, and future website development. The report also keeps on track, whom ever you are paying to assist with your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy, and makes them accountable to you for their fees.

Any Questions

Should you wish to discuss this in person, then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0330 380 11 38 or send us an email at we will be only too pleased to discuss your individual requirements.

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