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AVG Cloud Care 30 Day Free Trial

AVG Cloud Care can be provided either as a managed or as an un-managed service. Your trial will be provided as an un-managed service. AVG Cloud Care provides a centralised portal to ensure your employees, clients and your Business Data is protected.

Features that include:
  • Link scanner technology that verifies the safety of web pages and links returned from searches
  • Firewall protection for inbound ports, outbound ports, and applications
  • Identity protection for inbound ports, outbound ports, and applications
  • Identity protection for shielding passwords and credit card numbers
  • Protects any of the browsers that you choose to use within your Business environment
  • Scans without distractions – runs when customers aren’t using their devices, and automatically switches to low-priority mode as needed
Cloud Care is a Base

Cloud Care is a Base to add additional services which may benefit your organisation, these include:

AVG Cloud Backup, A cloud backup solution that will provide peace of mind that your files are safely backed up to the Cloud.

AVG Content Filtering, blocking threats and reducing distractions on the web. Assisting you boost productivity by managing web access based on usage policies designed for your individual business needs, which may include limiting access to Social Networking, Shopping Sites or other sites based on your companies policy on Internet Use.

AVG Email Security Service, protecting from Spam, allows easy compliance with regulatory bodies or company policy on email retention using AVG Email Archive, allow email to be sent securely by encrypting the email using AVG Encrypted Email service.

Like to know more?

If you would like to understand more, about AVG Cloud Care or how that might fit within your organisation, or if that solution is appropriate for your business issues, please contact us as we will be only too pleased to discuss this with you. We can also arrange a demonstration of AVG Cloudcare if that is appropriate.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0330 380 1138 or email us at info@initialitservices.co.uk 

Initial IT Services are different

Initial IT Services are unlike other firms of IT Consultants, we understand that each business is unique, that you will have different challenges and issues and we will therefore need to discuss and listen to your business problems to enable us to identify the and recommend the best IT solutions for you.

We are aware of IT consultants that have solutions that believe one size fits all, this is clearly not the case. Let us show you a different way of IT Consultancy, an understanding of your business issues that will allow us to support you better and provide meaningful solutions that will have a positive impact on your business.

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