Environmental Policy

Initial IT Services Ltd is committed to protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, preventing pollution and continual improvement of its environmental performance.

All products supplied by Initial IT will be provided pursuant to the appropriate technical, safety and environmental standards and will comply with the relevant regulations and licensing requirements.

The Environmental Policy, Objectives or Targets are formally reviewed at least annually but are also regularly monitored and reported to senior management.

Initial IT ensures that all of its activities are carried out in compliance with the relevant United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland environment legislation and other requirements. Initial IT commits to meet, or where possible, exceed the requirements of EN ISO14001:2004.

The following environmental aspects of Initial IT‘s operations have been identified as significant:

Consumption of energy – Initial IT is committed to minimising its consumption of non-renewable energy sources and to research alternative sources and technologies to reduce consumption of energy across all activities.

Production of waste – Initial IT strives to minimise the waste it generates and the consequent environmental impacts by seeking opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover otherwise redundant resources.

Use of transport – Initial IT is aware of the environmental impacts of their transport operations and, though the use of sustainable transport and IT solutions, seeks ways to reduce transport impacts wherever practicable.

Use of resources – Initial IT works to ensure that the products, services and materials which it purchases are as sustainable as practical.

Initial IT is committed to the ongoing training and education of its staff so that the company can ensure that there is full participation in the operation of the Environmental Policy.

Initial IT communicates its Environmental Policy and performance information to all employees through induction, training, the company intranet and internal notice boards. The Environmental Policy is available from our websites legal section at www.initialitservices.co.uk/legal.

Everyone at Initial IT are encouraged to suggest ways in which the Environmental Policy and Procedures may be improved.

Where appropriate sub-contractors and other visitors to Initial IT premises shall be required to acknowledge and adhere to the company’s Environmental Policy and Procedures.

Initial IT only works with suppliers, and distributors who have an effective Environmental Policy and Procedures.

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